Committee formed to support the City’s plan for a 134 bed Depaul Hospital

The DePaul Emergency 134 Committee has been formed to support Norfolk’s plan for a 134 bed new Depaul Hospital. They have established a website, to promote their contention that Bon Secours plan for a 56 bed DePaul would not serve the public’s needs. The Greater Wards Corner Partnership has been involved in this issue from the very outset. The Partnership’s position is DePaul maintain a hospital in its present location with services that will sufficiently serve the health needs of Norfolk’s Citizens.


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  1. Eric Heard says: now this is our position? Last I heard from Lewis was that they meant business and would not add extra beds. He said that they would leave and g_d knows who would take over the location. I have not seen any voting on what the Partnership would like to see happen. A few are making decisions for the lot of us. I have gotten inferior care at DePaul, I was kept in the ICU because they had already closed 56 beds back in January of this year, I was charged for ICU, I believe. Many employees are unhappy with the way they are bing treated and so on and so on.. I am in agreement that De Paul is needed, I will go to Sentara in the future, and I am certain that they will meet this demand. What I don’t like is being threatened unless we meet their demands.

    In the future, I would expect that WCN to solicit both pro and cons from our readers, and I don’t mean making comments to an article that has been printed but equally printed.

    A few cannot speak for the whole of GWCP.

  2. Tim Smith says:

    I know I am not one to speak, but more people need to come to the meetings. We talked about it at the last meeting, the one meeting I just happen to make.

    Care giving must be hot & cold at DePaul. I had great care at DePaul but that was 11 or 12 years ago when I had my hand surgery. My wife has had both good & poor experiences over the past 25 years, depending on the department.
    Our biggest concern in Talbot Park is what could become of the land if DePual leaves.

    In the past, land use decisions are made downtown and then we do the little deception dance, were the city tries to get us to see it thier way and we try to get our elected officials to listen to us.

    All of the meetings that happen in Wards Corner have, and continue to be, open to everyone. We all have an equal voice here in Wards Corner even if we disagree, just like we all have a few common goals to make our area better.

    Having Sentara our only choice for health care in Norfolk is not without it’s own problems.

  3. Eric, with all due respect, the position of the Partnership membership on DePaul at its June membership meeting was exactly as posted. I do not remember you attending the meeting.

  4. Eric Heard says:

    No, you are right, Louis. I had an illness to deal with this last meeting. My sister was in an auto accident and is bedridden in my home. Thank you for telling us that you posted the article and I am assuming that you also posted the article that said that the number one goal of the GWCP was to elect a council person that would be an advocate for Wards Corner.

    With all due respect also, Lewis, I would feel more comfortable with approving the minutes of the meeting and then making satements that have been approved. That way there is not any misunderstandings as to what we all agreed was said.

    Also do we have by laws for GWCP. That might be something that we might look into for the future? How do we run our meetings? How do we vote at meetings? Important stuff.

  5. Sherry Romulus says:

    After sitting thru what seems to be hundreds of meetings with city officials and not, I am the one who called for a candidate from the Wards Corner Partnership to declare immediately to run for the seat from our area. I pointedly asked Louis Eisenberg if he was interested in running during the open meeting. He said that he would. A comment was made that getting someone elected from the Partnership area should be our #1 priority.

    I will also say that I agree whole heartedly with you about the bylaws and conducting the meetings according to the Roberts’ Rules of Order. I agree that we should formally vote on all of our initiatives and arrive at a concensus with a vote. If someone disagrees, that should be noted as well. I know that Barbara takes notes but those should be formal minutes and should be posted on this website.

    I realize that the election is 20 months away but I, and many of my neighbors and friends, do not feel that we have 10 minutes to waste, let alone 20 months. Every minute that we hesitate, we waste opportunities for economic development that we will not get back. The rest of the City should be aware that we will be expecting a share of the revenue that we help generate.

    Look around – look at other areas of the city. There seem to be new projects all over the city but few in our area. Many thanks go to Norfolk Collegiate, the Franklins and Mr. Easley for their plans to invest in our area ( I don’t mean to leave anyone else out that is doing the same).

    All of the people that attend all of the community meetings are committed and discussion is lively about the possibilities and the raw data that indicate we should have more development activity occurring, but the sad fact is that we are woefully under capitalized. We will continue having our meetings and asking ourselves why developers are not beating the door down scooping up property to create a commercial center that would be worthy of great praise. Is is that the City is not “open for business” and does not actively pursue developers to tackle this area? One must ask the question “why” is the City not more invested in promoting Wards Corner? It is to simplistic to say that the committment is “Downtown”. This is a fairly large city and there should be enough money to fund both or at least jump start Wards Corner. These are educated, experienced and talented people who are employed in the Economic Development Dept and in other City departments. What is the problem?

    One of the problems is that Wards Corner does not have a full time advocate on City Council, NRHA nor other City Committees. This really has to change. I cannot say categorically that when we get a representative that things will change immediately but we at least will have the possibility of improvement.

    I sincerely hope that we will start talking to our neighbors and friends to back Louis. He certainly has paid his dues here and is willing to put his time and talent to help us and to further our creat City.

  6. Eric Heard says:

    You certainly have the right to your opinion, Sherry. I do also. Packing the audience with supporters is not the way decisions are made within an organization that is working toward the goal of progress. The Partnership has done marvels over the years and all are to congratulated for that. There are many who have PAID THERE DUES as you say. Paying your dues does not a great councilperson make. Being a new comer, some of the old rhetoric does not work as I see that the WC area has made majhor changes in just the four years I have been here. Thanks, Greater Wards Corner Partnership, Dorma, Elyse, Jim, Harriet, Barbara, and all of the persons who have spent years getting us where we are. In addition, thanks to Council personsWhibley, Winn, Hester, Wright and all others that have voted to improve this area as it has been.

    No, in my opinion, having been part of this kind of progress before, I want a person that can push the importance of Wards Corner into the 21st century by offering it to the city as one of the best destination spots in the city, not isolate it from the reality of change. Change is can either flow with it or fight against it. Things are never going to be the same again.

  7. Eric Heard says:

    Incidentally, I am not saying saying that support packing was done, but I have seen this tactic used before and it was problematic. Under the present non rules of determining a stance by the GWCP, this could occur and should be discussed.

  8. Eric Heard says:

    I have been asked if I am against Louis running for office. Of course not!! Louis should run for office if he chooses to do so. Louis and others have done a great deal for the Wards Corner area over the last years, I just don’t see GWCP being a political organization to promote or support and candidate running. Now to my knowledge Louis has not thrown his hat in the ring. When he does he and all other candidates will be under great scrutinization. I would wish him well.

  9. Tim Smith says:

    It would be nice to find out who is in this emerency 134 group and what their affiliation to the city and Sentara is.
    I need to know about a group and the ones running it before I can make an informed decision to help. The web site does not say much.
    Of course the paper will not do any investigating until the issue is all over.

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