Denby Park residents call “10 On Your Side”

Denby Park residents are fed up with City Council’s, to date, impotent response to cleaning up crime in their neighborhood. Finally, at a breaking point, the residents have called WAVY TV’s “10 On Your Side” for help. View the clip “High crime area has area residents concerned“.


9 Responses to Denby Park residents call “10 On Your Side”

  1. RJ Luce says:

    What is not said in the news article is what brought Wavy 10 to the neighborhood was a shooting the evening before in the 300 block of San Antonio Blvd. I must of missed the news article on that, but I’m sure the residents of the 300 block of San Antonio Blvd did not! Project Hocus Pocus Focus is not going to bring the neighborhood back, nor is hiring a person to run it. Impliment the Wards Corner Comprehensive Plan as promised! Not in 10 years not in 5 years – NOW! NOW! NOW!

  2. Laura Thom says:

    I have a feeling we could scream into the ears of council members–right during their council meetings–that we’re “mad as H_ _ _ and we’re not going to take it anymore.” But it is apparent that the only voices council will hear are those we will speak loudly and clearly come May elections.

  3. Beverly Sexton says:

    Well something must of gotten there attention.I had 5 police officers in my house at 8 this morning explaining my e-mail that i had sent city council.I need to correct something.It did not take 20 minutes for officer to show up from my 911 only 7.

  4. b davis says:

    seems to me that guilt must be what brought the officers to bev’s home so fast.they darn sure cannot get out that fast for a crime call.
    they say things i said on camera were lies but they must not read thier own police and crime reports for this neighborhood.sinnce we have witness’s to the stabbing incident that don’t even live here why is it a lie or just maybe the police did not show up because it was sure called in or just maybe they arrived 2 or 3 hrs after the fact as happens quite a bit.

  5. Joan Griffey says:

    We have empathy for this civic league area . It needs our help now . We are Wards Corner citizens united in one cause. Seeking attention to our problem by EMail and letters to the Mayor is a positive step. Let’s raise our expectations of our representatives. Ask yourself ….what would you do if you lived in this neighborhood?

  6. Tim Smith says:

    If you realy want to help our area then lets do something about it and stop playing games with downtown.
    Lets get about fifty people together, some police officers, news media, video cameras and take our neighborhood back.
    We will pick random weekends and walk the streets late evening/early morning from Wards Corner to Southern Shopping Center.
    If we let it be know it is happening randomly and make enough stink in the media, the cutomers for the prostitutes and drug dealers will not come into our area. No customers, No dealers.
    The criminals move out, the slum lords loose money, they sell to developers.
    Or we can just keep waiting for downtown to solve our problems, in their own time.

  7. beverly sexton says:

    Say when and where.I will be there .

  8. Marilyn says:

    Okay people I want to know who amoung you is willing to step up to the plate and thow your hat into the ring and run for councilmen against the super ward held by Barclay Winn! The only way we are going to get the lasting change that is needed in this city is to elect officials to city council that are willing to work for all the people they represent. We need to start taking them out as they come up for election, so here is our chance. Are you willing to work for chnge?

  9. beverly sexton says:

    I am willing to work.But i only have been at it for 4 months.Heck i just registered to vote.They made me do something i have not done in over 30 years.I also made my husband register and i am going to strong arm my 3 grown children.I will help in anyway i can to help get someone in council to get my denby park back to the people and not let the rats take over.I am not qualified.

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