Meeting Reminder – Norfolk Tea Party 2

The Norfolk Tea Party 2 will be holding a meeting to conduct a survey on taxes and on the City Council’s, Mayor’s and City Manager’s performance on Saturday, January 19th at the Banque, 1849 E. Little Creek Road, 9:00 am. There will be no Greater Wards Corner Partnership Meeting this Saturday. Please try to attend and alert members of your civic leagues.


2 Responses to Meeting Reminder – Norfolk Tea Party 2

  1. Pearl Windle, Suburban Acres says:

    I hope every one will plan to attend and look out for elderly neighbors, give them a ride. The weather is supposed to be cold with rain and snow. We need to SHOW that we are a “force”, not to be lied to and pushed a side. Thank you.

  2. Beverly Sexton,oakdale,denbypark says:

    There will be a few from our civic league attending.Let’s get stronger in numbers.

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