Norfolk homicides almost double in 2007

Another sign of failed City policies is the near doubling of homicides in Norfolk. The City Manager and her assistants are trying to preserve substandard housing stock in crime ridden areas like Denby Park so they can proceed with their plans of tearing down Public Housing in the Saint Paul’s Quadrant area. The Greater Wards Corner Partnership will not stand still or remain quiet while the City Manager and Council continue on this course. Click on this link for the Pilot Online story.


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  1. Tim Smith says:

    I seem to remember talking in detail about this about six years ago or so at a Partnership Meeting. It would have been around the time East Beach was being pushed real hard. We talked about the criminals being moved from Ocean View to Wards Corner (Denby Park area). I also remember the denials from downtown.

    It is always amazing how the truth runs a steady course through time and a lie will turn back on you and bite you in the backside. You would think after thousands of years we would have learned a better lesson and stop putting the wrong people in power.

    Speaking of things downtown told us, how are the Wards Corner businesses doing with all the great salaries (I think the average was to have been around 30-35k a year) from the employees of the Work Force Development Center/Welfare Office?

    I plan to attend the meeting on the 15th but I can tell you right now, the powers-to-be do not want Wards Corner to succeed. Remember they tried to change the name to the “Uptown District”. We are too close to Ocean View and 21st Street. Retail South of Wards Corner is to be served by 21st Street and Downtown; North of the graveyard is to be served by Ocean View; East of I-64 is to be allowed to run down for future development (30 to 35 years). You will probably see the Wards Corner Comprehensive Plan be tweaked to look more like the area South of Maury High School, more townhome/condo and less businesses (density-density-density). Of course it will take another 15 to 20 years of studies and a market turnaround before any serious redevelopment takes place.

    I am always eager to be proven wrong…

    Tim Smith

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