Planning Commission to consider alternatives to prevent vehicles being parked in lawns

February 12, 2015
Robert Tajan, Principal Planner with the City of Norfolk, presents to the Planning Commission on 2/12/2015 with ideas to curb parking in the lawns along W. Little Creek Road

Robert Tajan, Principal Planner with the City of Norfolk, presents to the Planning Commission on 2/12/2015 with ideas to curb parking in the lawns along W. Little Creek Road

For years the Wards Corner Task Force has complained to city staff and police about residents along W. Little Creek Road parking their motor vehicles in the grass and in their yards.  Civic League presidents and Council members alike have complained of the grass parking and the answer has always been to hand out tickets and take the violators to court.  This has been met with some success in the short term but usually within a few months the violations return.

Now, at the request of the Task Force, the Planning Commission and planning staff will work to come up with new regulations that will allow residents along busy thoroughfares in Norfolk to park their vehicles in a manner that will be both legal and allow for the safe ingress and egress of the properties.

The Planning Commission will vote at their February 26, 2015 meeting to initiate zoning changes.  That vote will allow planning staff to begin working on options and recommendations.  Those options and recommendations will be discussed at the Planning Commission meeting in mid-March and the results thereof will be brought to the Wards Corner Task Force for comment and input before being adopted.



New floodplain regulation meeting to be held in Titustown

May 29, 2013

The City of Norfolk is proposing to update our current floodplain regulations.  Visit the City of Norfolk website to view a  comparison of the existing and proposed ordinance revisions.

The Titustown meeting information:

Titustown Recreation Center

7545 Diven Street
Thursday, June 13, 2013
6-7:30 p.m.


There will also be a Public Hearing of the Planning Commission regarding these regulations:

City Planning Commission Public Hearing
City Council Chambers
810 Union Street
Thursday, June 27, 2013
2:30 p.m.


Application to build on a nonstandard lot on Hughart St in Titustown

December 5, 2012
Rendering of the proposed house at 7409 Hughart Street

Rendering of the proposed house at 7409 Hughart Street

7409 Hughart Street is a vacant lot towards the end of Hughart Street in Titustown.  The owner has filed for a special exception to develop a single family dwelling on the nonstandard width lot.

The lot is currently zoned R-8 which requires the lot to be 50ft in width.  The subject lot is only 33ft in width.

The planning department staff has recommended denial stating that the proposed home is not in keeping with the character of the surrounding neighborhood (Titustown).

The staff report and application can be found here.

The Planning Commission will be voting on this application at its meeting on December 13, 2012.  If you have comments regarding this application, feel free to leave comments below or contact me directly on the Contact Us page.

Wards Corner Farm Fresh to add pharmacy drive-thru among other improvements

September 24, 2012

If you have not noticed, the Farm Fresh grocery store at Wards Corner has been undergoing significant upgrades over the last few months.  Thus far, the interior has been renovated with new fixtures and the exterior has been repainted and new signs installed.  Next on their list of improvements is a new pharmacy which will begin construction tonight.  They have also filed for a special exception to operate a drive-thru.  The drive-thru will be for a “pharmacy window and canopy along with related minor site work (signs, pavement markings, etc.)”.

The pharmacy will be a “reverse” drive-thru in that the cars will drive by the building such that the pharmacy window will be on the passenger side of the vehicle and the driver will interact with the pharmacy through a pneumatic tube.  A reverse drive-thru was chosen based on safety concerns and traffic flow patterns within the parking lot.

The grocery store is open 24/7 but the pharmacy will have the following hours:  Weekdays 9am – 9pm; Saturday 9am – 7pm; and Sunday 10am – 4pm.  The drive-thru lane is planned for the south side of the building (the side facing KFC and Wendy’s).  The application can be reviewed here (PDF).  Farm Fresh is scheduled to go before the Planning Commission on October 25, 2012 which will make a recommendation to City Council regarding the drive-thru application.  If approved, construction is expected to begin within 4-6 weeks of approval and construction time is approximately 3 weeks.

Additionally, Farm Fresh is in talks with their landlord regarding parking lot improvements.  The current parking lot is an old concrete lot and it is beginning to settle and crack.  The appearance of the lot, because of its age, could stand to be improved.  The preliminary plan is to overlay the parking lot with asphalt and increase the height to the level of the interior of the store.  The height increase will enable Farm Fresh to do away with the need for handicapped ramps.

At this time there is no time frame available on the parking lot improvements but the interior renovations are on-time and slated to be complete by November 1, 2012.

Joint Planning Commission and City Council meeting scheduled for Harris Teeter project

March 30, 2012

A special joint meeting of the Planning Commission and City Council has been scheduled for April 24, 2012 at 7pm in City Council chambers.  The meeting was scheduled at the request of City Council in an effort to speed up the approval process for Chris Perry’s project at the southeast corner of Wards Corner which is slated to be a Harris Teeter anchored shopping center.  The public is encouraged to attend and express their concerns / opinions.

As previously reported here on Wards Corner Now, Chris Perry is asking for:

1.  Conditional Change of Zoning.  The applicant is asking to rezone the entire block to Conditional C-3 with conditions that the property shall be developed generally in accordance with the layout attached as Exhibit A, that the outparcel will be single user, and that the buildings constructed will be consistent with the appearance in the rendering attached as Exhibit B.

2.  Adult Use Special Exception for the sale of Alcoholic Beverages for off-premises Consumption.  The applicant is requesting to be able to sell Beer and Wine from 6:00AM to 12:00AM daily at Harris Teeter.

3.  Special Exception to Operate a Retail Establishment After Midnight.  The applicant is requesting to operate a full service Harris Teeter from 12:00AM to 12:00AM daily.

4.  Special Exception to operate a Commercial Drive-Through Facility.  The applicant is requesting to operate a branch banking facility with drive-through lanes to serve customers, including automatic teller machines.

5.  Special Exception to operate a Commerical Drive-Through Facility.  The applicant is requesting to operate a drive through out of the end unit of the shopping center serving food and beverages.  The hours of operation indicated are from 6:00AM to 11:00PM.  The exhibit to this request indicates a “COFFEE HOUSE” in that location.

The complete application can be viewed here (PDF).

Proposed Apartments on Newport to go before Planning Commission

August 11, 2010

Collins Enterprises, LLC is scheduled to go before the Planning Commission on August 26, 2010 at 2:30 p.m for their application to amend their site plan to build their proposed apartment building.  The Landmark at Talbot Park, a four story apartment building with 189 units, is proposed to be built on Newport Ave just north of Granby Elementary.

The property was rezoned in 2008 for  a high density multi-family development which was promised to be condos.  The developer’s recent quest to change the development to apartments has not been well received by residents of the neighborhoods surrounding the development.

All interested residents and citizens are encouraged to attend and voice their opinion.

The Landmark at Talbot Park - Elevation from Newport Ave

The Landmark at Talbot Park - Elevation from Newport Ave

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