Two Wards Corner book merchants are experiencing increased sales

June 7, 2008

According to Pilot Online, The Book Exchange and Bargain Books are experiencing better sales this year in spite of the downturn in the nation’s economy.

two used-book stores in the Wards Corner section of the city – Bargain Books of Virginia and The Book Exchange – are doing better this year.

John Knight, owner of The Book Exchange, estimates a 20 percent jump in business. “We try to continuously make the store better and turn the inventory over a lot,” he said. The economy “has had a neutral effect. We might get more of some people and less of some other people.”

Lynn Howard bought Bargain Books in November 2006 . “My business increased,” she said, “but I think it was more because I was getting more new books in. We’re finding more and more new customers.”


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