Some preliminary Light Rail extension routes come through Wards Corner

February 14, 2014
Potential Light Rail Extension Routes

Potential Light Rail Extension Routes

The Norfolk Naval Base Light Rail Extension Study is underway.  As a result of a number of public meetings, 17 different preliminary routes for the extension have been identified with a number of those preliminary routes coming through Wards Corner.

Here is the complete PDF document with all of the preliminary routes identified thus far:  Norfolk Naval Base Light Rail Study_Prelim options (PDF).  These routes are not exclusive; the final route may very well be a combination of the preliminary routes or a completely different route.

Hampton Roads Transit will be holding more public input meetings to receive input on the preliminary routes.  The public is invited and encouraged to attend.  Those meetings are scheduled as follows:

Feb. 24, 6p to 7:30, Granby High School

Feb. 25, 6p to 7:30, ODU,  Ted Constant Convocation Center

Feb. 26, 6p to 7:30, Downtown Marriott

Light Rail to Wards Corner

March 30, 2010

The Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation released a Transit Vision Plan for Hampton Roads in March 2009.  Their transit vision statement for Hampton Roads:

An integrated public transit network will provide Hampton Roads with transportation choice, thereby ensuring greater mobility, economic development, environmental protection, energy independence, and quality of life.

According to the Plan, after extending The Tide light rail system to the oceanfront, the next step is to extend light rail from Newtown Rd, to the airport, through Wards Corner, and on to the Naval Base.

[The proposed Wards Corner extension] runs from I-264 parallel to Military Highway and I-64 to Naval Station Norfolk.   Currently adopted 2034 forecasts of residential density in the corridor do not support rail, except along Little Creek Road west of I-564. However, the corridor links several important regional activity centers including providing improved transit access to Norfolk International Airport and Naval Station Norfolk.  A study conducted in 1999 identified this corridor as feasible for extending light rail to Naval Station Norfolk. High speed/high capacity transit in this corridor is further justified by the large number of workers who commute from Virginia Beach to Naval Station Norfolk.

Light Rail through Wards Corner

Light Rail through Wards Corner

The three closest proposed stations are located at Tidewater Drive, at Wards Corner, and on Torgerson Road (Meredith St near Terminal Blvd).  The Vision further suggests that the following steps be taken:

Update the Comprehensive Plan to include policies to specifically support Norfolk’s transit initiatives, including those along this corridor; and

Encourage moderate density residential development along this corridor.  Use existing policies and apply zoning designations used in other areas to achieve desired results.

Light rail is an extremely important issue to Wards Corner and Wards Corner Now will continue to track this issue.    Any redevelopment that is done now needs to be done with future light rail connections in mind.  Review the report yourself:  Transit Vision Plan for Hampton Roads.

Light Rail in Wards Corner a Dream, says Wright

June 26, 2008

A group from the Wards Corner Partnership attended the Ocean View Taskforce meeting this morning at the new Pretlow Library at the invitation of Councilman Randy Wright.  When prompted about light rail coming to Wards Corner,  Wright described it as a dream.  It is not on any drawing boards at this time, as the preferred route would go past ODU to the Naval Base.

Henry Ryto, Chairman of HRT’s User Citizen Advisory Committee, was present at this morning’s meeting and his comments, which were posted on the UrbanPlanet forums are below:

The blog Wards Corner Now overhyped the meeting. No announcement on extensions this morning.

1. HRT, beginning at this afternoon’s Commission meeting, will start a “visioning process” on where LRT should go.

2. Randy Wright said, “We want to go to Old Dominion University…We want to go to the Naval base.”

3. Eventually he’d like to see a line from Hampton Boulevard to Ocean View via Wards Corner.

I should have slept in.

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