Planning Commission to vote on Wards Corner amendments to plaNorfolk2030

The Planning Commission is scheduled to vote on June 23, 2016 to amend plaNorfolk2030 to include additional actions with regard to the Wards Corner area.  These actions came out of the planning charrette that was held in October of 2015 at Wesley Memorial Methodist Church. The entire Greater Wards Community was invited.

The Charrette was designed to get input from the community on the future of Denby Park.

The Planning Commission will vote to make the following modifications, noted in red, to the Greater Wards Corner area plan summary in plaNorfolk2030:

Action N5.1.12. Continue to implement the following actions for the Greater Wards Corner area.
o N5.1.12(a). Identify and pursue acquisition and demolition of properties on both sides of East Little Creek Road.
o N5.1.12(b). Ensure proper maintenance of City acquired properties.
o N5.1.12(c). Pursue opportunities for passive and active recreation in partnership with the community on City-owned properties in Denby Park for short term use.
o N5.1.12(d). Encourage townhomes and market-rate rentals in residentially-designated areas along East Little Creek Road.
o N5.1.12(e). Evaluate land use changes fully considering current and future transportation opportunities.
o N5.1.12(f). Support relocation of the head-in parking in the Titustown retail area in order to facilitate streetscape improvements and the use of the parking lots located at the rear of the retail buildings.
o N5.1.12(g). Support the redevelopment of commercial properties at the intersection of Granby Street and Little Creek Road.
o N5.1.12(h). Continue to monitor traffic conditions at the intersection of East Little Creek Road and Virginian Drive to ensure that appropriate traffic conditions are maintained.
o N5.1.12(i). Consolidate and relocate points of access in the commercial areas along Granby Street and Little Creek Road.
o N5.1.12(j). Improve pedestrian and bicycle connections throughout the Wards Corner, especially to and in the commercial areas.
o N5.1.12(k). Pursue opportunities to add passive and active recreation space, landscaping, and trees throughout the Wards Corner area.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact planning commissioner (and city council candidate) Martin Thomas at .  If the changes are approved by the Planning Commission they will be forwarded to City Council for adoption.


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