Wards Corner Rite Aid finishing up complete remodel

riteaidI spoke with the very pleasant Wards Corner Rite Aid store manager, Dan Lightfoot, about the complete remodel going on at his store at the northwest corner of Wards Corner.

The store was gutted on the inside and completely remodeled bringing  it out of the old drugstore model and into the new wellness center model that pharmacies are going to these days.

The expanded wellness service will include a wellness ambassador who will be armed with an iPad and be able to assist customers on the sales floor with vitamin needs, drug interactions, herbal supplements, etc.  The ambassador will have access to a printer to provide customers information on the products they are discussing.

Additionally, the remodel has allowed the pharmacy to become more accessible and expanded the organics options at the store.  Dan touted the new store as a full immunization store that will begin offering flu shots in two weeks.

The outside of the store received a fresh coat of pain and the landscaping was updated as well.  The parking lots will be resurfaced and repainted very soon.

The construction work is expected to be concluded by next week.



2 Responses to Wards Corner Rite Aid finishing up complete remodel

  1. Dawn Wood says:

    So happy to see Wards Corner come back to life like this!!!!

  2. Joe Postove says:

    Would it kill them to have a soda fountain? Maybe people are ready for it’s return!?

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