Mattress store to replace BP gas station at Wards Corner

7600 Granby St to become home of a new mattress store

7600 Granby St to become home of a new mattress store

The BP gas station at the northeast corner of Wards Corner has been on the market for quite some time.  Recently it was rumored that there was a contract to purchase the property.  Various leaks are now confirming that the purchaser plans to build a retail building on the property and the expected tenant is a mattress store.

The likely tenant type was mentioned at the Wards Corner Civic League meeting on Monday night and most comments were negative as there is already a mattress store at Wards Corner.

The property is currently zoned C-3 and will likely not need to be rezoned for the new use.


17 Responses to Mattress store to replace BP gas station at Wards Corner

  1. Susie English says:

    A mattress store??? How many mattress stores do we need in Wards Corner???
    That is very disappointing to say the least.

  2. Joan Griffey says:

    What we need is someone to replicate an Uncle Louis’ It was memorable! The parking lot was busy at noon and a great meeting place for business and social gatherings. Strange no one is interested investing in a family restaurant when so much traffic bypasses WC daily on the I64 and Granby St corridor and…. the military is nearby. Our neighborhoods are longing for those empty storefronts to be filled with stores we can use. Mannequins and art would look better than white paper window coverings.

  3. Wards Corner will look as bad as E Little Creek Road, where is crosses Military Highway, and have a mattress store on every corner. Let’s not junk up Wards Corner !!

  4. Sara Miller says:

    Another mattress store in that spot is the worst! I agree it will look like Little Creek in no time. I am also hoping for a decent restaurant . ie. Panera, , something like Uncle Louie’s, as mentioned. I am shocked that no one is opening one as it is a great spot. Can it be stopped???

  5. jeffkline says:

    That is disappointing news. I’d rather see a nice restaurant there instead.

  6. Tebibo says:

    I am with the others on this. Wards Corner needs more restuaurants, a Panera or a nice Deli something that will bring more people into the WC area. Not something that will be closed within a year.

  7. lynne barrett says:

    This is horrible news! I’m terribly disappointed. Wards Corner is long overdue for something of quality. How many mattress stores are downtown on Main Street? What can be done to prevent this?

  8. John Knight says:

    I agree with previous comments. A family restaurant will do well in Ward’s Corner. For some good news, we were told earlier in the week that Firehouse Subs should be open in about 60 days. It was held up because of roof problems. Interior work has begun this week.

    As far as the mattress stores go, I think there is a big bubble in that business. They have sprung up all over the place recently. Profit margins are so high on mattresses that many store can make a profit by only selling one set per day. Go in one of the stores and you will notice that there are rarely customers in them. This is a very inefficient use of valuable retail property.

    • Angie Almond says:

      The market will take care of it. It’ll be out of business in six months because this area doesn’t demand yet another mattress store! Something else will move into the newly built structure before too long.

  9. Nancy Benson says:

    Awful news ! Agree wilh the other comments. Norfolk can do better than this. Can this be stopped ? What can we do?

  10. denisejo says:

    I was already puzzled to see a mattress store next to Harris Teeter. We need a good coffee shop or restaurant on that BP corner. Hopefully it’s not too late to see that happen.

  11. Susan Howren says:

    How tacky! I thought we were going to try to class up the neighborhood! How about approaching the Jewish Mother? They recently closed the Hilltop store. Or Pier 1 Imports or a Michaels or AC Moore would be great. Lets not put a mattress store right there in such a prime spot! Shaking my head!

  12. Pamela Kiernan says:

    After allocating $150,000 for “art” in Ward’s Corner, why do they want to junk it up with a mattress store in a prime location. That just doesn’t make any sense. All the art in the world can’t hide the fact that it is just another mattress store.

  13. Nancy Whitlock says:

    Speaking of good family dining at WC, who can recall the Cross Roads Restaurant ?? After shopping at Rice’s & Hofheimers, walking across Granby to the Cross Roads for lunch ?? Without taking your life into your very hands I might add !!

  14. says:

    As it stands now, we have Sleepy’s next to Harris Teeter. And Mattress Firm is planning to move into BP Gas Station location (Corner of Little Creek and Granby). And now, Mattress Factory will be moving into Mrs. Dalis-Martone deserted property. We should take all of these business’s mattresses and put them in the parking lots. Now jump up and down on the mattresses. Do you know what you are doing? Being stupid like these mattress companies trying to see how much business one can take away from the other. This is so stupid and trashy. Why is the Wards Corner area allowing this to happen?

  15. LGThomas says:

    What dunderhead puts three mattress companies in such close proximity? I know the recession destroyed the original beautiful plan for Ward’s Corner but why is the planning commission going to reverse the direction towards beauty and make “The Times Square of the South” look not only like Little Creek Rd but worse-Virginia Beach Blvd? This has to STOP!

    • Just to clear things up, these are property owners making rent decisions. The Planning Commission has no say in the decision(s) to bring any of the three mattress stores to Wards Corner.

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