Sidewalk concerns addressed with new Harris Teeter shopping center

Concerns were expressed at the last couple of Wards Corner Taskforce meetings about the sidewalks along Granby Street and E. Little Creek Road surrounding the new Harris Teeter Shopping Center being developed by Suburban Asset Management.  The sidewalks, in the past, were abutted up to the street and seen as a safety and aesthetic issue.  The preference was to push them a couple of feet back from the street to allow for a grass verge.

Representatives of the City of Norfolk and Suburban Asset Management met to address the citizens concerns and the following agreement was made:

1-Granby Street – there will be a 5 ft sidewalk and a 5 to 6 ft grass verge between the sidewalk and the curb. 

2-Little Creek – sidewalk will be 6 ft wide. There will not be a grass verge due to the tight space and the preference for landscaping behind the sidewalk. 

Dominion Virginia Power will be removing and replacing the sidewalks as a part of their efforts in burying the power lines in the area.


2 Responses to Sidewalk concerns addressed with new Harris Teeter shopping center

  1. Scott Guirlinger says:

    Is there a possibility of a low-rise fence or something similar along the edge of the sidewalk along Little Creek to provide some sort of separation between vehicles and pedestrians?

  2. Lynn Roth Taylor says:

    I agree with Scott. If space is the issue could the sidewalk be narrower with some creative? separation between vehicles and
    pedestrians to give even the illusion of protection? If we want to
    increase the number of people coming to Wards Corner attractive
    and safe walking access is essential. To please the eye it also seems the sidewalk treatment should somehow match Granby St.
    Thanks for your efforts to keep the project both functional and beautiful.

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