Dollar Tree returning to Wards Corner

Dollar Tree is returning to Wards Corner in mid-late summer of 2013

Dollar Tree is returning to Wards Corner in mid-late summer of 2013

Dollar Tree will be returning to Wards Corner in the near future.  Dollar Tree’s roots are in Wards Corner where store #1 was located.  The Wards Corner Dollar tree closed last year to make way for the new Harris Teeter anchored shopping center that is currently under construction.

The new location will be at 7635 Granby St which is the location of the recently closed No. 1 Chinese Buffet.  The lease has been signed and both interior and exterior improvement are expected.  A new facade is expected as well.

A mid-late summer opening is expected.



9 Responses to Dollar Tree returning to Wards Corner

  1. Dawn Wood says:

    Yeah!! Thats what we need…it all about revitalization! It fills my heart with pure joy!!

  2. Denise says:

    My Mom is going to be thrilled because she hated driving to Southern shopping Center location.

  3. dave says:

    Its nice to see the changes. Dollar Tree owes its existence to Wards Corner. It is a megabillion dollar corporation and its success is a tribute to the retail heritage of the family who created it. I don’t have all the facts but, it is nice to see some give back in the form of investment. In the 70’s This area was a premier location for retail and residential living. I invested here just to watch all my dreams make a huge flushing sound over the past 20 years. Our city’s government has failed us. Fortunately the entrepreneurs who pioneered our little suburb didn’t forget us altogether when they went on to epic success. I with them continued success and hope it continues onward to continued investment. This area is prime real estate for shopping and easy access. Watching it crumble has been a real heartbreak. Maybe I will live long enough to see this area re-surge into what a great place I know it can be simply because it once was. I know, I witnessed it. Maybe just maybe it will turn around in spite of the governments’ pilfering, sabotage and outright abandonment of our collective dream.

  4. dave says: just a follow up, don’t believe me? read this. almost everything in this plan that was to be left up to others has been addressed. However nothing of note in this plan which was supposed to facilitated by the city has happened. Its just false hope and broken promises. I’ll bet the guy who generated all the pretty pictures got their check though…

  5. tootsie says:

    oh joy…just what we needed…a bunch of crap from china!

  6. John Knight says:

    More great news for Ward’s Corner!

  7. jess says:

    is there a contact for empolyment

  8. John Knight says:

    The new Dollar Tree was built in amazing time. I shopped there Friday and was very impressed. The store is beautiful and the employees very friendly. Glad to see retail coming back to Ward’s Corner!

  9. Lori says:

    What happened to the No. 1 China Buffet’ just ate there recently, and my daughters favorite buffet restaurant.

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