Cottage Road Park splits from Oakdale Farms/Denby Park Civic League

September 20, 2012
Boundaries of Cottage Road Park

Boundaries of Cottage Road Park Civic League

For years Oakdale Farms, Denby Park, and Cottage Row Park have shared a civic league aptly titled “Oakdale Farms/Denby Park/Cottage Row Park Civic League” accordingly to the city.  It appears that a recent disagreement between the combined civic league and residents in the Cottage Road Park area about a proposed rezoning has resulted in a new civic league – Cottage Road Park Civic League.

The disagreement was over the proposed rezoning of 7482 Wellington Road which is to the rear of the old Speedy Gonzalez on Tidewater Drive.  The proposal was from Cook-Out Restaurant, a North Carolina BBQ chain that would have combined the Speedy Gonzalez property with 7482 Wellington Road.  Cook-Out was proposing a 24 hour double drive-thru store.

The Oakdale Farms/Denby Park/Cottage Row Park Civic League voted in favor of the Cook-Out rezoning but residents on and around Wellington Road objected.  The objections resulted in Cook-Out withdrawing their application for the rezoning and probably looking for a location elsewhere in the city.

Cottage Road Park Civic League’s website states:

Why a Civic League of Our Own?

Last month, the Oakdale Farms/Denby Park/Cottage Row Park Civic League, which had claimed our neighborhood, voted to support the developers of a 24-hour fast food restaurant that would have rezoned residential property on Wellington Road against the voiced opposition of residents. This action would have turned one side of Wellington into the back ends of businesses on Tidewater drive, and also brought unwanted noise, and traffic 24 hours a day. A two-day effort by representatives of our neighborhood garnered enough opposition that the developers withdrew their rezoning request before it could be voted on. During that effort, there was an almost unanimous interest in forming our own civic league to protect against future threats.

The new civic league meets at 7 PM on the first Monday of each month at the Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union 110 Building, 520 Naval Base Road, Norfolk, Virginia 23505.  Their first meeting is scheduled for October 1, 2012.

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