“Guads @ Granby St.” to open in the old Bobbywood location at Wards Corner

Many thanks to Vicky Haskell, owner and operator of the forthcoming “Guads @ Granby St.”,  for providing the following information about her new restaurant.

Guads @ Granby St. is planned to be a family restaurant serving mexican fare.  This will be the third “Guads” as there is a location at Hilltop and a seasonal location on 21st street at the Virginia Beach oceanfront.  The Guads restaurants are not affiliated with Guadalajara Mexican restaurants located elsewhere in Hampton Roads.

Guads @ Granby St. will be located at 7515 Granby Street which was formerly Bobbywood, A.J. Gators, and briefly the Wards Corner Pub.  Haskell plans for a renovated and rejuvenated look on the inside to include new tile flooring around the bar.  The area used by A.J. Gators for billiards will be re-purposed as a party room for groups of 25-30 and will feature new flooring as well.

Parking for Guads @ Granby St. is anticipated to be both in the front of the restaurant and in the rear of the building.  The parking lot in the rear will be re-graveled.  A new coat of bright yellow paint is expected to adorn the exterior of the restaurant within the next few days.  The blue awnings currently on the building are expected to stay.

Haskell indicates that she will be serving lunch and dinner 7 days a week.  The hours have not been finalized but based on operations at the other two Guads locations, she expects Guads @ Granby St. to close at 10pm Sunday – Thursday and at 11pm on Friday and Saturday.

No entertainment of any kind is planned.  Haskell’s goal is to open the restaurant in early-to-mid August.



6 Responses to “Guads @ Granby St.” to open in the old Bobbywood location at Wards Corner

  1. John Knight says:

    This is great news for Ward’s Corner! Please spread the word that there is a great location for a pizzeria or sandwich shop next to The Book Exchange. We will help any interested parties in any way we can.

  2. Betty says:

    Yea!!! I hope it is better than what was there b/c the food at Aj’s was not good.we need some good food places at wards corner…we miss uncle louie’s. What great food they had.

  3. tom modzelewski says:

    good i hope u all choke on there food

  4. Boop says:

    Why would we choke?

  5. WC_homeowner says:

    Early to mid-August has come and gone…any news of when it is actually opening? I don’t see much activity at the site recently.

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