Update from Chris Perry on the Harris Teeter shopping center

Chris Perry was nice enough to provide me with a brief update on the Harris Teeter anchored shopping center.  All of the tenants are out of the property and demolition should begin in July.

There are no firm leases for any of the new tenants yet.  Mr. Perry promises to keep us aware of the construction schedule as well as road closings and other safety issues as he moves forward with the redevelopment.


7 Responses to Update from Chris Perry on the Harris Teeter shopping center

  1. Deb Greene says:

    Where did Taste of Europe move to?

    • C. C. says:

      Taste of Europe moved to 22nd Street behind Farm Fresh on 21st Street in Ghent. The are in the the shoppling center where Bella Italian restaurant is located.

  2. Pamels Kiernan says:

    Mid Town Shopping Center – REALLY? Can’t come up with amything better?

  3. Suzi Woolford says:

    Hey Pamels Kiernan-it’s been called that since the 40’s ;o)

  4. Pamela Kiernan says:

    Gee – the 40’s Is that any reason not to update it? Let’s get a new name – we are in the 21st Century.

  5. ramona quimby says:

    Pretty sure Taste of Europe moved to 21st street unless I’m thinking of Tokyo Market. And I like Midtown Shopping Center just fine.

  6. jinnie the blind pug says:

    I’d just like to thank chris for stepping in. it is good that his family has been so successful. they have been busy and its easy to forget about things. this new development is going to go a long way toward improving the quality of life to those of us that have been here a long time. for many the grandeur of wards corner is a historical fact for me it is an actual memory. I grew up and bought a house in the area because it used to be a “good” place in the city of norfolk. I hope his project is an enormous success and that motivates him to invest more into the area. Judy Boone did it in ocean view although at the expense of my neighborhood i sometimes feel. It would be nice for us to have a patron for a change. it just goes to show that government talks but, the rich can actually do something. so again chris. thanx i for one know that well placed well meaning money can affect change and do more for the quality of life of those it affects than any government program. it should be profitable too. maybe ill live long enough to be glad i live in Wards Corner again instead of feeling like im trapped in a hole paying taxes and a mortgage on a house that cant be sold or given away for that matter…
    now if he would only bulldoze the welfare center and put a home depot or lowes back in there where HQ was at we would be talking about a serous turning point….
    Hint HInt Hint!

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