Norfolk Collegiate Center for the Arts Groundbreaking on Friday



2 Responses to Norfolk Collegiate Center for the Arts Groundbreaking on Friday

  1. Ben says:

    Will there be additional off-street parking available when community events fill the 400 + seat theater? The lots involved seem too small to support the structure and parking. I hope Granby Park doesn’t become the parking lot of choice.

  2. Marsha says:

    Hello Ben,
    It doesn’t appear anyone responded to your post so not sure if you received an answer.
    That’s a great question and one the school is already working on.
    In actuality, Norfolk Collegiate has immediate construction goals, short-term goals and long-term goals which will address both parking, as well as other school needs.
    NCS now owns all of the houses on the west side of Woodfin Avenue. Once their construction is completed for the Arts Center, the school’s next goal is to remove those houses and shift their sports fields down into those lots so that additional parking can be added. The school leaders have not shared specific plans with faculty, staff or parents at this time, but have maintained that once the appropriate permits and designs are completed, they will communicate those plans with us. I’m sure that will include the adjacent Civic Leagues.
    Thanks for your question Ben!

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