Virginian-Pilot’s Editorial page pushes WC revitalization

The article is here.

Notable quotes:

The city found a way to accomplish what it intended for Denby Park, even without eminent domain powers: It negotiated with property owners to buy derelict apartments so it could tear them down.

Wards Corner residents hailed the move as the beginning of change. That’s what it is: a beginning. If tearing down the Denby apartments helps reduce crime, that also removes one more obstacle to investment.

Residents should keep up the pressure on current property owners to improve their buildings, especially in the neighborhood’s commercial core. So should city officials.

Wards Corner’s future depends on using the momentum created by the purchase of Denby Park to accelerate improvement. Don’t coast now and squander that opportunity.



One Response to Virginian-Pilot’s Editorial page pushes WC revitalization

  1. John Knight says:

    This is a great article! The tide is turning in Wards Corner. As far as the commercial district, there are some great restaurants and businesses and many more will pop up in the coming years. The future is getting brighter!

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