Serve the City – Norfolk

Serve the City – Norfolk is looking for community service projects in and around the Wards Corner Area.  See the email below received from Bridget Powell.

Coming to the neighborhood: Serve the City 2011, May 21-22!
Needed: your ideas for projects…
Background: Serve the City Norfolk is a service project which involves several area churches. We
recruit volunteers from the church and all over the community to complete service projects. Many last
just the duration of the weekend, while others become enduring relationships for continued assistance.
Last note: I want to emphasize two things–one, we are looking for projects and ways we can serve
and two, while we are a faith-based movement, this isn’t about going in to these projects with anything
other than a desire to show God’s love in practical ways.
I look forward to answering any questions you might have, and serving you if the opportunity arises! I
can be reached at
Thank you!
Bridget Powell

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  1. sue ross says:

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