Book Exchange to expand at Wards Corner

Book Exchange

Book Exchange

John Knight, owner of the Book Exchange at Wards Corner, wrote in to share exciting news about the expansion of his store.  Congratulations John!

I want to let you know that all parties officially signed the lease. We have taken over the former “Simply Fashions” space next door. The Book Exchange will now occupy both spaces. We hope to have renovations completed and the new side open by the first week in January. We will move our Movie and Music inventory to the new side and greatly expand our selection with the goal of providing the largest selection of used DVD’s and CD’s in Hampton Roads. The overall concept of family oriented store will remain the same, with “The Book Exchange” on one side and “The Movie & Music Exchange” on the other side. Customers will be able to use their store credit on both sides of the store. We are sure that this will be a positive addition to Ward’s Corner. Keep up your great work!



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  1. lcot says:

    Way to go, John! The Book Exchange has been, and now the Movie & Music Exchange will be, among the top reasons why Wards Corner is a great place to shop for variety, bargains and quality.

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