Nutty Buddy’s is closed

August 10, 2010
Nutty Buddy's is closed

The above sign is taped on the door of Nutty Buddy's

The problematic gay bar, Nutty Buddy’s, at Wards Corner has closed.

Nutty Buddy’s was detailed in an article, excerpts below:

The Nutty Buddy [sic] in Norfolk’s Ward’s Corner neighborhood has become a nightly source of criminal activity, which often spills-over into the streets of the working-class neighborhood.

The club is now a gathering spot for the area’s black transvestite community. Drag queen shows or ‘pageants’ are regularly held at the Nutty Buddy, drawing hundreds of drunken celebrants. Excessive noise, public urination, and fighting are commonplace when the club is open.

During 2008 alone, Norfolk Police records report no less than 50 assaults occurring within a one block radius of the club.

In addition to the usual rowdy behavior seen outside many bars, prostitution has become a major problem for the neighborhood. On any night, scantily-clad transvestite prostitutes can be seen waiting for their next date in front of the closed sub shop next door to the club. Often, they ply their trade in parked cars in the parking lot, and throughout the surrounding neighborhood.


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