Andy Protogyrou wins Ward 1 seat on City Council

Councilman Andy Protogyrou

Councilman Andy Protogyrou

Congratulations to Andy Protogyrou on being elected to serve as the Ward 1 representative on City Council.  We look forward to working with Andy on making Wards Corner a better place.


2 Responses to Andy Protogyrou wins Ward 1 seat on City Council

  1. Henry Ryto says:

    Rather than Protogyrou’s nutty idea of running light rail down Granby Street, a more rational option may be a streetcar or tram between downtown and Wards Corner. The system would make a better fit.

    What LRT that is envisioned for Wards Corner would be the line to the Naval Station from the Newtown Road or Military Highway station (serving the airport en route).

  2. RJ Luce says:

    Congratulations Andy, looking forward to working with you to revitalize Wards Corner and the surrounding areas to one of Norfolks shining lights. All the best. RJ Luce

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