Partnership meeting, February 26, 2009

Greater Wards Corner Partnership

201 E. Little Creek Road (next to Kroger)   7:00 p.m.

Rooms 202 & 204

February 26, 2009

Roberts Rules of Order will be followed


1.  Introductions: Please stand and give your name and Civic


2.  Pace Reports

    3. Discussion Topic: What the Mayor’s state of the City Address holds for the Greater Wards Corner Partnership Area; what we need; can do about getting what we need.
    4.  March 10th the city will have a Special Election for the Office of Commonwealth Attorney, the two candidates for this office will be here to speak to us tonight and give us some background information about themselves, the office, and why they are running.  I know you may have seen one or the other gentleman at a meeting of your own, but this is a time to meet and hear both candidates together and speak to them individually.  Election Day is very close so please come and meet the candidates.

5.  Committee Reports

6.  Audience Topics for Discussion/ Questions & Answers

    We encourage all attendees to bring to the Partnership any issues your civic league may be having that you feel can benefit from the Partnerships involvement.

7. Meeting Adjourned


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