Council to review glut of neighborhood plans

The Virginian-Pilot reports that City Council will review 81 active neighborhood plans. One plan has been in existence since 1957. Reginia Williams said,

“Our residents are beginning to express dissatisfaction,” she said. “When plans are established, our residents have expectations that they will be implemented.”

Several plans have been designated as safe,

What seems certain is that major neighborhood initiatives in Wards Corner, Broad Creek, Southside and Fairmount Park will survive.
    City Planning Director Frank Duke said the fate of 19 plans must be decided by the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority’s board of commissioners. That leaves 62 in the hands of the City Council.


One Response to Council to review glut of neighborhood plans

  1. Nancy Gray says:

    I have news for Regina Williams we are NOT beginning to express our dissatisfaction, we HAVE been expressing it only to fall on deaf ears evidently.The Wards Corner Coalition has been screaming for years for our plan to be implemented…I guess the only people listening are the ones IN the coalition group. Finally the sleeping giant in city hall has heard our rumblings, now do you think yall can get it in gear and finish our comprehensive plan? Remember the city paid good money for that plan to be drawn up, let’s not waste any more taxpayer money. Also a little reminder for City Hall…just for a change of pace, you may want to actually listen to what the taxpayers are saying instead of trying to read our lips!

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