Blessed Sacrament gang prevention meeting report

Tim Smith writes in with the following report on last night’s gang prevention meeting:

Blessed Sacrament Church will host a second gang-prevention brain-storming session on Wednesday, October 29th. For more information call 423-8305. The Church is located at 6400 Newport Avenue behind DePaul Medical Center.

The first meeting focused on youth involvement in gang activity. There were over 100 people at the meeting as well as the Mayor, Vise Mayor, Norfolk Police, prosecutor’s office and city juvenile court representatives. There were also representatives from the local schools and community groups as well as parents with their teens and concerned local residents.

The gang problem is real in our area and it affects everyone. In Hampton Roads, there still is time for us to get a handle on the gang problems but it will take our commitment as a community to act now before the gang issue gets out of control and rules our lives.

Please make plans to get involved in your community this year or next. Plan to attend the meeting on the 29th or one of the many other civic or community meetings you see posted on this web page. Get involved, get informed.

Remember, you get out of a community what you put into it.

Thank you,

Tim Smith, Talbot Park
Wards Corner area of Norfolk

EDIT: The meeting on the 29th of October will be at 7pm.


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