Partnership makes electing an advocate to Council their number one goal

Last night at the monthly meeting of the Greater Wards Corner Partnership, the membership made it clear their number one priority was to set in motion a plan to elect to City Council in 2010 an advocate for the Greater Wards Corner Partnership Area. Other goals agreed to be achieved in 2008-2009 were to assure that Depaul Hospital maintains an acceptable presence in its present location, the second phase of Norfolk’s Light Rail includes a rail station for Wards Corner, after-school children programs be expanded in our schools and religious institutions and the creation of a Community Development Corporation to work with the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority in applying for grants for the Denby Park, Monticello Village, Oakdale Farm Neighborhoods.


2 Responses to Partnership makes electing an advocate to Council their number one goal

  1. Laura Thom says:

    I was delighted when, at last Thursday’s meeting, we decided to make our #1 priority the support of a Wards Corner advocate for City Council. I doubt any of us were surprised when re-elected council members’ stated support for Wards Corner faded once they were back in office. What we need is a voice. For without a strong advocate, all of the great ideas and hopes expressed at our meetings will only amount what Randy Wright described for the Wards Corner light rail — empty dreams.

  2. Eric Heard says:

    What makes you think that this new elected council person will not just vanish into the thick once elected. I am not aware of anyone that fits the description you mentioned. Our council persons Whibley, Winn, Hester have done much for the community over the last five years. What do you want this next person to do that ridding ourselves of the Dallas properties and the improvement of the Perry property wouldn’t accomplish. This stuff about not getting anything done by the council is old rhetoric. Sounds like people amongst us want to be on the council. Make sure when the t ime comes that you watch every move this candidate makes, look at how he/she treats people, listen to what he/she might have to say , see if it make sense or is it just again the old rhetoric, see if he/she is opinionated or do they listen and lastly does he/she bring their own issues to the forefront. We live in one of the safest neighborhoods in the city. Ask anyone.
    The potential here is amazing and will be one of the finest neighborhoods in the entire city. We make that happen.

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