Greater Wards Corner Partnership Meeting this Thursday

Greater Wards Corner Partnership

201 E. Little Creek Road (next to Kroger)   7:00 p.m.

Rooms 202 & 204

June 26, 2008


1.  Introductions

2.  Pace Report

3.  Guest Speaker:   Tim Smith

        Citizens Patrol (Taking back our streets)

        We would like to encourage everyone to come to this meeting to hear how you can be part of the effort to take back our streets.  It’s time to stop talking about it and time to start doing something about it.

4.  New Partnership Goals

5.  Taskforce Update

6.  Committee Reports

A.  Codes and Public Safety

B.  Development Committee

C.  Beautification Committee

D.  Public Infrastructure Committee

E.  Public Relations Committee

F.  City Connection Committee

7.  New Business

8.  Adjournment






One Response to Greater Wards Corner Partnership Meeting this Thursday

  1. dave says:

    This is actually funny. They want to spend millions so that sailors and students can day trip downtown and trash the place. They do this under the guise of creating public transportation for the work force. The work force is in ward’s corner. Affordable housing is in wards corner. There are no jobs in wards corner. The city doesn’t care about wards corner. notice a pattern?

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