Warrants issued for 2 men in Denby Park shooting

Pilot Online reports that warrants have been issued for the arrest of two suspects in yesterday’s shooting of a man in the 300 block of E. Little Creek Road. The suspects frequent Ashlawn Drive in Monticello Village and the “Texas” streets in Denby Park. The Wards Corner Partnership has identified both these areas as socially blighted since 1997. To date, the City has done little to help the good citizens of Denby Park and Monticello Village.


4 Responses to Warrants issued for 2 men in Denby Park shooting

  1. b davis says:

    it’s amazing that i called the police 2 weeks ago about 2 young men selling dope along galvaston blvd.as i waited and watched them plying thier trade in broad daylight i thought the police would surely come soon.after waiting and seeing the 2 disappear into the apartments at exactly 2 hours and 28 mins. the police arrived but kept on going because the 2 where gone.i saw the photo’s in the paper today and you can guess who the 2 where!!!!!that’s right the same as in todays paper wanted for the shooting on 300 blk of littlecreek.

  2. Dawn says:

    Not all of MonticelloVillage is bad.Just along ashlawn or where it runs up along Little Creek where the apts are.In the back where you have nice cape cods there are good law abiding citizens. If we could get rid of those apts or the police would respond faster to drug trafficing maybe things would be different. I hope everyone in the neighbor doesn’t give up.Keep reporting on the run down homes and drugs.

  3. N Gray says:

    The residents in Monticello Village are not at all surprised when we hear news like this, we have our own open air market on Ashlawn Drive that is a breeding ground for shootings it just so happens they took the action to Little Creek Road instead. This area is a ticking time bomb and it will not explode to our city leaders until someone innocent is caught in the crossfire from drug dealers’ guns I am afraid.

  4. dave says:

    This area is overrun by hoards of children with no supervision. A car wash that is basically a public nuisance. Rental property that is held to no standards at all occupied by way to many people per household. Downtown has abandoned us and Ocean View has disowned us. Meanwhile our area is is supposed to be a high enforcement area and I never see the police anywhere anymore. If you do call them expect to have to do it twice. I’ve lived here for 15 years and every time the city wants to bulldoze something they just dump it in wards corner. I keep waiting to SPSA is going to relocate to my back yard….

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