Task Force invited to hear light rail presentation

Mayor\'s Wards Corner Task Force Invitation


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  1. Jim says:

    In light of the fact that the City has guaranteed the FTA that it will cover any shortage of construction funds, maybe Mr. Wright can tell us how much the Light Rail is really going to cost the City. Not only are the bids coming in higher than the budget, but HRT is recklessly awarding the contracts to companies that were not even the low bidders. Adding insult to injury, certain consultants that are frequent dinner companions of Mr. Wright are being awarded money outside the procurement process.

    I hope all the Norfolk taxpayers are very proud of the transit award we have bought for Mr. Wright. While I support our investment in the Light Rail, I am dissapointed that it is becoming no more than another jewel in the crowns of egomaniacs like Mr. Wright

  2. Jim English says:

    Please be advised that the previous comment was not posted by me as I for one do support light rail and its potential to come through Wards Corner to Ocean View and the Naval Base. It is one way, although small, of solving our transporattion and energy problems. To think otherwise is naive. Jim English

  3. Henry Ryto says:

    The original post was that this meeting was going to be in the evening. I’m sorry that it’s now 8 A.M., as I have an 8:30 meeting out at Virginia Beach’s Oceanfront.

    Vice Mayor Louis Jones has drawn a line in the sand that Virginia Beach won’t get in unless Norfolk extends to the Naval base. Therefore, I’m estatic that an announcement may be pending.

    As the TDCHR meets at 1:30 on the 26th, I hope Randy Wright will cover it there.

    Henry Ryto, Chairman, HRT’s User Citizen Advisory Committee (UCAC)

  4. Scott Cravey says:

    I am a resident of Ward’s Corner, and I am very interested in attending this meeting. So based on the previous responses, the meeting will be held at 8am? The fact that the light rail has thus far not been proposed to be extended to NOB is beyond me. I am going to do everything in my power to attend this meeting, as I feel that the light rail is the most important project in Norfolk at this time, and also most important to Ward’s Corner as well as other neighborhoods in Tidewater. Jim, I will try to contact you this week to find out further information on this meeting, as well as any other meetings with discussions about the light rail and its extension northward.

    For any people questioning the light rail system, just speak to anyone that lives in Denver or Salt Lake City. My family in SLC always talks about how glad they are that they have the LR. I would rather see tax money spent on extending the light rail system than on widening roads.

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