WC Partnership meeting recap

The second meeting of the reinvigorated Wards Corner Partnership was held tonight at the Workforce Development Center. Across the front of the meeting room sat 10 current civic league presidents who together proposed an action plan to put more pressure on our elected officials to ebb the downfall of Wards Corner.

The action plan included:

  • Moving forward with the Comprehensive plan, especially redevelopment in Denby Park
  • Purchase of the Alexis Apartments
  • Wards Corner infrastructure improvements

The conversation tonight highlighted, once again, the lack of a champion for the Wards Corner Partnership area on City Council. A plan to let our concerns known was debated and letters to the editor, letters to the councilpersons, and this website were determined to be excellent tools to let the councilpersons and our fellow citizens know that we are fed up with the lack of attention to the blight in Wards Corner.

The Partnership members at tonights meeting are energized and intend to work until Wards Corner is no longer placed “on the back-burner”. Wards Corner Now.

To have your letters and articles posted on this website, email them to wardscornernow@wardscornernow.com


3 Responses to WC Partnership meeting recap

  1. Laura Thom says:

    I am looking foward to the Wards Corner Partnership finally getting the attention we deserve from City Council. I think we have the momentum and energy now–and we will no longer remain passive regarding council’s discriminatory handling of the City budget.

  2. Nancy Gray says:

    City Council needs a wake up call, they work for the tax payers and since they tax the daylights out of us we need to DEMAND something to show for our money and I am not talking about pretty water wasting fountains!!!! We paid for the Comprehensive Plan to guide the city in the redevlopment and a blight study to pin-point exactly where to begin and what do WE the citizens of Wards Corner have to show for it??? We have nothing but more crime, more blighted eyesores and more taxes to pay!

  3. William Speidel says:

    The most direct route to gaining the attention of someone on city council willing to be a champion for Ward’s Corner is for the Partnership to designate leaders willing to run for Councilman Winn and Hesters seats in the upcoming May elections on the platform of revitalizing Ward’s Corner.

    Turn out for council elections is notoriously light. We already have a built in support network of Civic Leagues, religious institutions and business organizations to help get the word out to our residents.

    What’s the worst thing that could happen, the Ward’s Corner candidates finish second but still manage to bring the issue up in the press, at public debates, and put pressure on the elected officials to back up their promises to us or risk losing next time. And who knows, maybe we might just win 1 seat and find our champion?

    Bill Speidel
    President, Cromwell Farm Civic League

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