Urgent! Meeting for all the residents and businesses in the Greater Wards Corner Area this Tuesday night

At the meeting on January 15th , over 100 concerned residents and businesses of the Greater Wards Corner area came together to discuss the City’s plans for, and apparent discrimination against, the Greater Wards Corner Partnership Area.  As agreed upon at that meeting, we are taking decisive steps to make our voices heard by City Council.

There will be an important follow-up meeting Tuesday, January 29th, 7pm, at the Norfolk Work Force Development Center, 201 E Little Creek Road (down the row from Kroger) where we will continue to work on formulating our plan of action. We must decide how next to proceed in order to hold our elected officials accountable for the implementation of the Greater Wards Corner Comprehensive Plan.

Our task at this next meeting is to iron out and formulate our means of implementation for what must be our three most important items of action. Remember, if you aren’t present and don’t make your voice heard, you will not have cause for complaint,  We must all be present to represent our neighborhoods and businesses. The future depends on it. WARDS CORNER NOW!!


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