“Wards Corner activists blast Norfolk officials over slow reforms”

The Virginian-Pilot has printed an article on the Wards Corner Taskforce Meeting:

A presentation by city officials on plans to help crime-ridden neighborhoods in Wards Corner broke down today as neighborhood and business leaders, fed up with the pace of reform, angrily demanded action instead of plans.

Brad Robinson, past president of the Wards Corner Business Association, noted that he recently attended a presentation downtown at which leaders were told of a $7.5 million plan to redo Town Point Park.

“In Wards Corner, we struggle to get a few dollars for a sprinkler system,” he said.
“I’m at the end of my rope,” added Denby Park civic league member Susan Ross. “We’ve been waiting for help for so many years.”

Louis Eisenberg, a Willoughby resident and Wards Corner businessman, was more blunt.

“How many beatings do you think we’ll take before we ask for new political leadership?” he said.


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