Starbucks applies to open at Hampton and W. Little Creek

Starbucks has applied for a Special Exception to operate a new location with a drive-thru at 7600 Hampton Blvd.  This is the former location of Church’s Chicken Restaurant.

Starbucks plans to tear down the old Church’s Chicken building and construct a new 1,913sq.ft. store on the site.

Starbucks is scheduled to go before the Planning Commission on May 26, 2016.

starbucks siteplan

Site plan of the proposed Starbucks at the intersection of Hampton Blvd and W. Little Creek Road.



NW Elevation

NW Elevation (side facing W. Little Creek Road) of the proposed Starbucks.

NE Elevation

NE Elevation of the proposed Starbucks.


SE Elevation

SE Elevation (side facing Baylor Place) of the proposed Starbucks.

SW Elevation

SW Elevation (side facing Hampton Blvd) of the proposed Starbucks


One Response to Starbucks applies to open at Hampton and W. Little Creek

  1. Sarah says:

    I can’t find this in minutes of the planning commission. What was decided? The building is still just sitting there, looking terrible.

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