Oakdale Farm and Denby Park to host National Night Out

Wards Corner Now received the following about National Night Out to be hosted by Oakdale Farms and Denby Park.  The event will be held on August 6, 2013 on San Antonio Blvd starting at 6pm.

My name is Tricia Duncan and I am part of the Norfolk Task Force. On August 6th Oakdale Farms and Denby Park are Hosting National Night Out. This is a event to help strike back at Crime by bringing the community together. We would love your business to come out and meet your neighbors, City officials, public safety partners and others who support safe communities! We are providing free information booths and would love it if you would join us. Set up is around 3pm. That evening we will be having a parade and after the parade the community will filter back to the celebration area where live music and free food will await them. We would love for you to come out and support our neighborhoods. You may provide information to the community for free at this event. You are also invited to participate in the parade if you would like.
For more information or to reserve a booth please contact Tricia Duncan at 757-374-532 or Triciaduncan78@gmail.com

Tricia Duncan
Norfolk Task Force


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