An Update on DePaul Medical Center

From Bon Secours:

Good News! In preparation for the building of a new, state-of-the-art, full service medical center, and to continue our mission of more than 153 years of caring for our community, Bon Secours is pleased to announce that starting immediately we will begin the process of rejuvenation of the Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center campus.

The first phase of the development of our master plan is beginning with the demolition several old and unoccupied buildings on the campus. Slated for completion in early February, this work will include the demolition of the old nursing school dormitory/ clinic building and unused storage buildings on the property. Patient care will not be impacted by any of these activities.

Approximately one acre in the western-most end of the campus, bounded by Kingsley lane, Newport Avenue and Painter Street will be involved in this phase of development.

As good stewards of our environment, Bon Secours DePaul will work in collaboration with our construction and demolition companies to ensure that all OSHA, DEQ and EPA regulations are strictly followed. In addition, whenever possible, trees will be preserved and materials will be recycled.

We will use this area for parking and staging during the upcoming phases of the campus rejuvenation. This will include the construction of a new medical building, to begin in 2010, and when approved by the state health commissioner, development of a 124-bed full service medical center. Construction of the new hospital may begin as early as 2011.

During these developments, we will continue to make investments in our current hospital to improve the care we provide to our community. The most recent investments have included renovations in the emergency department to improve efficiency, cosmetic improvements on the patient care units, the purchase of specialized medical equipment, and physical plant upgrades including roof and elevator repairs. In addition, the medical center will continue to enhance the program and services offered to our community and will continue to hire new staff as we grow in our ministry.

We are delighted to have the support of our city leadership, including Major Paul Fraim, and Councilman Barclay Winn. We also appreciate the support of our patients, our medical staff, our employees and our neighbors as we embark on this exciting transformation.


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