Wards Corner criminal activity Tuesday night

I received the following email from Lieutenant Hungerford, Norfolk Police Department, as a response to an inquiry from Laura Thom, Jim English and myself on the criminal activity and police presence in the Greater Wards Corner area on Tuesday night , January 29th, 2008. As always, we in the Greater Wards Corner Partnership appreciate the great service of the men and women in our Police Department.

 Louis/Jim/Laura –

Yes there was a robbery at the Shell on the evening of the 29th. A lone B/M suspect went into the station, displayed a gun and took money fomr the cash register. We had several units right in the area, but the guy disappeared into the woodwork. He ran over behind RC’s so he probably lives in one of those apartments.
Also, with regard to the event that also occurred on the 29th at about the same time over by Norfolk Collegiate – An officer, over off of Lafayette Blvd., attemtped to stop a car for a traffic violation, and he fled. Our guys backed off, but put it out on radio. Another unit saw the vehicle on Granby and by the time he turned around the bad guys stopped the car and ran off, with the exception of the woman and a child. She was being detained (which she was being vocal about). Drugs were found in the car. K-9 was attempting to get a track. The area was cordoned off at the time due to the tracking effort. Sorry for the inconvenience,but we were working to make the arrest. Unfortunately we did not get the guys, but V& N (Vice and Narcotics) is following up since the car was not stolen, and the woman can ID the suspects. The car was impounded.

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