Police identify man shot at Southern Shopping Center

The police have identified the man murdered on Monday in front of the Game Stop video game store as Jamal Matthews 21 year of age. The question begs would the politicians running our city government remain so silent if this cold blooded murder had taken place in their sacred downtown?

Pilot Online reports that the Police have charged a youth with the cold blooded murder:

The youth who was charged is 17, according to police. He was charged with murder and using a gun while committing a felony.

Investigators don’t know whether Matthews knew the person who shot him.

The youth was arraigned this morning in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.

Amanda Howie, a spokeswoman for the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, said prosecutors intend to prosecute the youth as an adult. He was ordered held in the city detention center pending a bond hearing on Jan. 9, she said.

According to an unconfirmed Police report, the youth was captured in Denby Park. Project Focus needs to focus on tearing this rat’s nest of crime to the ground.


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