LTE: “Wards Corner needs Sandlers”

The Virginian-Pilot has published a letter to the editor by Tim Smith, the president of the Talbot Park Civic League, entitled “Wards Corner needs Sandlers“. Below is the text of that letter.

In ‘A kayak ride for the Sandlers‘ (letter, Oct. 30), Barbara Gunn has a great idea to help the Sandler brothers continue the legacy their family started many decades ago. Give Indigo Dunes back to the people to enjoy as a nature reserve. There is an even greater legacy for the Sandler brothers. Come back to where the Sandler legacy started Norfolk. Ms. Gunn is correct when she says that ‘a job of a builder is to build’ and build the Sandler brothers could do, in Norfolk. Wards Corner has a comprehensive plan that is backed by 20 civic leagues and the city government.

The only thing we are lacking is a developer who is willing to invest in our future. The city’s resources are spread too thin and many projects that were promised by our elected officials will be delayed or forgotten over time.

Wards Corner has always needed a developer who knows this area and is ready to show the city of Norfolk what the residents here really want. We would like to see a Wards Corner that has great shopping opportunities in a safe environment. We have the money to spend and would like to keep it here in our community.

Sandler brothers, please come back home to Norfolk and help us see the bright future your parents saw when you were growing up.

Tim Smith

Steve and Art Sandler own L.M. Sandler & Sons Inc. L.M. Sandler & Sons Inc. is largely a residential development company, but it also has other assets. It operates under several different names in various states, primarily in the Southeast. For more information about the Sandlers, read the Virginian-Pilot article “Who are Virginia Beach’s Sandler brothers?“.


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